What are the highlights of Sandakphu trek 2019?

Sandakphu Trek Guide



What are the highlights of Sandakphu trek 2019?

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Considered to be the highest peak in the Singalila National Park, Sandakphu trek offers mesmerizing views of the tallest four mountains in the world, i.e., Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Kanchenjunga. On Sandakphu trek 2019, soak these experiences and more under clear skies, and with a team of seasoned trekkers, guides and support staff. Sandakphu is one of the most beautiful trekking routes in the country, and attracts tourists from all parts of the world.


From Sandakphu viewpoints, Kanchenjunga Range is clearly visible. Being the third highest peak in the world, clear skies ensure you’re able to view ‘The Sleeping Buddha’, a cluster of peaks that seem to form the shape of Lord Buddha. Mt. Kumbakarna forms a human face with a protruding nose, while Mt. Pandim forms the feet. On a Sandakphu trek package, an experienced guide can show you and make you understand all these interesting details.


The Singalila National Park is home to a wide range of wildlife species. Since Red Panda is Sikkim’s State Animal, it’s among the most famous sightings. It’s also a rare specie, and you can only catch a glimpse if you’re lucky.


Hopefully, your guide will know a few spots where you can spot the Red Panda, and maybe capture a photograph for home. Sandakphu trek route is right on the Indo-Nepal border. Interestingly, while on the trek, you’ll cross the border quite a few times. Since Sandakphu is a long trek, it’s important to follow forest regulations and instructions given by your guide.


Highlights of Sandakphu Trek 2019


Sandakphu trek 2019 covers a wide range of snow-covered tracks, monasteries, forest trails and grasslands, all surrounded by smiling faces of locals and huge mountains. According to experts, post-monsoon season is the best time to visit Sandakphu. After September, you can expect clear skies to soak in mesmerizing views of the peaks.


The period between February to April is also a good season to plan a visit. During this period, rhododendron flowers are in full bloom, and give you a chance to catch stunning views of the landscape. You’re also more likely to spot Red Pandas in these months. Here’s an overview of other highlights you can expect on the trip.


Sandakphu Trek 2019


Panoramic Views of High Peaks – A Sandakphu trek package offers many different things. On your journey, you pass the Old Silk Route to reach the base camp. The hospitality of the people of Nepal and Sikkim is also worth mentioning. Along the way, teahouses line the trail, and you’re amazed by the green haven of the famous Singalila National Park. The key highlight of your trip will be the panoramic views of the high peaks of Kanchenjunga and Annapurna ranges.


Mt. Makalu, one of the highest peaks in the world, stands tall at 27,838 feet above sea level. It’s visible close to Mt. Everest, and the best time to view this range will be around sunset from the Sandakphu summit. The South Peak, also called Lhotse, is a part of the Everest Range, and forms a properly marked climbing route.


Everest, the highest peak in the world, towers above the other mountain ranges. Don’t forget to carry your binoculars to catch close-up views of the snow-capped mountain. Throughout the journey, more such peaks will take your breath away, and keep you soaked in enchanting views of raw nature.


Vision of Kanchenjunga – The Kanchenjunga peaks are an entire cluster of snow-capped mountains, and had to be listed separately. As the sunlight streams upon the snow-clad mountains, you’ll witness the magnificence of this majestic range.


In the morning, look out of your camp as the range reveals ‘The Sleeping Buddha’, a cluster lying in relentless glory. As you approach the summit on the Sandakphu trek route, the peaks start getting bigger and you’ll be left speechless with their beauty.


At the time of sunrise, you can see the peaks changing colours between amber and gold, to give you a clear vision of the Kanchenjunga range. This prized trek in the state of West Bengal makes for the perfect opportunity to capture photographs and cherish lifelong memories.


Magnolias and Rhododendrons – On a Sandakphu trek package, you’ll witness several colours of spring. Pink-red rhododendrons and white magnolias line the trail, and even sweep the ascends. When it comes to walks in Singalila National Park, these colours give you a festive feel. Thus, visiting this destination during spring season is an ideal choice.


Look Out for Red Pandas – As mentioned earlier, Singalila National Park is the natural habitat of Red Pandas. These elusive but charming animals keep moving inside the forest and hop around on trees. Naturally shy, it can be quite difficult to spot a few without the help of an experienced trekker or guide.


Sandakphu Trek in August


Kalipokhri (The Black Lake) – The famous Kalipokhri settlement has been built around a very small lake by the same name. Meaning ‘black water’, this lake is one of the most picturesque locations on the trek. Set amidst beautiful mountainous terrain with Kanchenjunga in the background, you’ll never be able to forget the view.


The settlement is located within Nepal, and you can see signs of the Buddhist community living in peace. Prayer flags have been tied around the lake, and flutter in strong winds throughout the day. Be sure to include this spot in your Sandakphu trek package.


It’s important to understand that Sandakphu trek has a mixed terrain. It’s considered to be an easy trek with simple ascends and steep descends. However, you still need to take necessary precautions to ensure your safety. It’s also important to prepare for altitude sickness, and work on your fitness before embarking on the journey.


Difficulty Level of Sandakphu Trek 2019


According to seasoned trekkers, the difficulty of a trek is a subjective concept. It depends on the health, fitness and strength of a person. However, considering other factors, Sandakphu trek is relatively easy. With gradual decline, you’ll find many steep descends. The average distance of the trek is 10-11 km (one-way). Weather changes are frequent, and evenings can be foggy.


In order to get acclimatized to the climate, it’s better to rest for a day after reaching the base camp. Sandakphu trek 2019 will definitely test your endurance and stamina. However, with the right approach and proper guidance, you won’t experience any issues. If you’re looking to plan a trek in the coming season, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts. Just click here.


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