Chadar Trek Requirements



What are the specific Chadar trek requirements?

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One of the most popular, beautiful and difficult treks in the Himalayan region, Chadar trek preparation requires you to focus on several aspects of the journey. While you need to be healthy, it’s also important to meet other Chadar trek requirements regarding weather, trekking experience and more. With some simple things to keep in mind, planning your Chadar trek isn’t a daunting experience. In this post, we try to give you a brief idea about various requirements you need to focus on during the planning phase.


Chadar Trek Requirements


Since Chadar trek is one of the most difficult trekking experiences in the country, it’s important to plan everything in detail. In order to ensure safety and have a good experience, it’s important to know basic Chadar trek requirements.


Chadar Trek Requirements
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Health-wise, you need to have above average health. Chadar trek for beginners isn’t a far-fetched idea, and anyone with good health can go on this trek. However, it’s still important to carry necessary medicines.


While planning your trip, it’s important to understand how the weather works in this region. Temperature during daytime can be somewhere around -5 degree celsius, while it dips sharply to below -25 degree celsius at night. Proper clothing, accessories and trekking gear are of utmost importance. Here’s a complete list of things you should carry. Click here.


Last but not the least, it’s highly recommended to get in touch with a professional tour operator to help you plan the trip. Reputed companies have seasoned trekkers and support staff to make sure you don’t come across any unnecessary difficulties during the course of your journey. If you’re planning to go on Chadar trek, and want to get in touch with someone from our team, just click here.


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