What can you expect from school tours Ireland?

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What can you expect from school tours Ireland?

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If you’re considering school tours Ireland for the next educational trip, it’s the perfect choice. Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, and provides your students with a chance to completely immerse themselves in tradition, history, culture and nature. Educational tours Ireland come in different forms, and you can choose one as per your students’ interests and preferences.


Ireland is a modern country, with a lot of learning experiences in different regions. Though Dublin is one of the popular choices, cities like Galway and Wicklow aren’t far behind. The Irish are humorous, friendly and happy-go-lucky people, who ensure that your students have a lot to learn throughout the trip.


Expectations from School Tours Ireland


In Ireland, school trips for students aren’t just limited to modern buildings and high-rises, but give them a chance to learn about Irish culture, traditions and folklore. Students can visit several attractions like the Book of Kells, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trinity College. The learning experiences acquired on the trip stay with your students for a lifetime.


School Tours Ireland


If you’re interested in nature retreats, cultural tours or historical trips, Dublin can be a great choice. The entire city is rich in culture and heritage, and locals are always ready to interact with foreigners. Rock of Cashel, Blarney Stone and Blarney Castle are some important sights you shouldn’t miss.


As mentioned earlier, Galway and Wicklow are also important places of interest, along with other provinces like Cork, Killarney and Limerick. Ring of Kerry is a great choice for experiences near the Irish coastline.


For a long time, Renok Adventures has been planning school tours Ireland for young minds. With our tours, students can learn in an informal environment, while exploring the rich cultural diversity in the country. If you want to get in touch with us, please click here.


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