What does a Manali trekking expedition offer?

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What does a Manali trekking expedition offer?

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Whether you want to visit Manali for its stunning beauty or seek adventure in this backpacker’s paradise, there’s something for everyone in this scenic and mesmerizing destination. Every Manali trekking expedition offers something different. With so many options to choose from, it can sometimes seem overwhelming. Hence, it’s always better to find out different inclusions to make the right choice.

Manali Trekking Expedition Info


If you want to indulge in adventure activities in Manali, a trekking expedition will be a great choice. Along with trekking, you can enjoy activities like jeep safari, paragliding, zorbing, skiing and more. Most tour operators offer packages that club these activities with trekking. Many trekkers also opt for white water river rafting. Kayaking on the famous Pandoh Dam reservoir is another good bet. Our favourite? Getting aerial views of lush valleys and beautiful waterfalls while paragliding over Manali.


Manali Trekking Expedition


Most trekking expeditions in Manali also include a visit to several popular attractions, such as Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Marhi, Old Manali and more. While trekking in these areas, you’re able to take a much closer look at the snow-capped mountains and Himalayan wildlife. On your Manali trekking expedition, you can also choose from exhilarating trekking experiences like Beas Kund trek, Bhrigu Lake trek and Chandratal trek.


Since Manali offers a wide range of recreational and adventure activities, you can easily find several trekking packages. The surreal beauty combined with thrilling activities ensure you get the most of your trip. If you’re looking to book a Manali trekking expedition, it’s better to let seasoned trekkers and experienced support staff take care of your trip. It ensures you have an amazing experience and don’t come across any problems as such. To get more information, just click here.


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