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What makes the Brahmatal Trek a great winter trekking spot

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The Brahmatal lake is a hidden lake located in Chamoli district in Uttarakhand at a height of 3657.5 m.  Although winter is not a popular season for trekking, the Brahmatal trek is an exceptional winter trekking spot. Brahmatal is an unknown gem to adventure junkies. According to Hindu mythology, the Brahmatal lake was named after Lord Brahma- the creator, who used to meditate there.


    Brahmatal trek

Here are six reasons to pack your bags and visit the Brahmatal Trek this winter season!

Less crowded

On social media, the Brahmatal Trek is not as popular as other treks. Hence, the Brahmatal trek is not as crowded as the Kuari Pass or the Kedarkantha trek. But this trek has a high adventure quotient.

Exceptional views and beautiful weather

Another reason to do this trek in March and April is the beautiful view from the mountain peak. However, in May and June, when trekking season is at its peak, the view is disrupted due to smoky mist over the mountaintop. But during the winter season, mountain sights are worth dying for!

Difficulty Level: Easy

During summers, when the snow melts, the rocky terrain becomes hard to trek on. While its easier to trek on snow covered trails, during the winter season.

The enchanting forests

The Brahmatal lake is surrounded by dense oak forests. And if you are in luck, you can even spot a rare Himalayan bird─Monal. Because this trek is mostly unexplored, there is nearly no crowd.

Serene Lakes of Himalayas:

The Bekhal and the Bhramatal Lake are two well-known lakes of this trek while the Khopdaliya and the Bigun lake are lesser known. You can witness the beauty of the Brahmatal lake once you reach the uppermost point of the trek.The lake stays frozen during winters but the serenity of the place will leave you overwhelmed.

Snow Camping:

Camping near the frozen Brahmatal lake can be a memorable experience. The trek offers a chance for you to camp in the middle of the snow-covered forest. Camping on a bed of snow can be an extraordinary experience.

Recently, the Brahmatal trek has started gaining popularity and has created a buzz among trekkers. The trek is already giving other treks a tough competition. Do you think this trek can be your winter wonderland?

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    Shivinder Saini
    March 28, 2018

    We are planning for trek on April 6, 2018 can u please suggest which one is better for snow covered trek
    Kedarkantha or Brahmatal ?

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      Rohan Jain
      April 3, 2018

      Kedarkantha is a wonderful trek. We have a batch going on the 7th of April.

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    December 26, 2017

    Is march 17th to 23th 2018 a good time to go?
    will there be enough of snow?
    whats the best time for this?


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      Rohan Jain
      March 22, 2018

      Yes it will be a lovely time to go. You can go anytime till april and you will find snow in the Western Himalayas

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