What Should You Know About Triund Trek in Different Months?

Triund Trek in Spring best treks in india



What Should You Know About Triund Trek in Different Months?

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Triund trek is one of the most popular, beautiful and easiest trekking routes in northern India. This scenic wonder lies just 7 km from the town of McLeodganj, and it takes only 4 hours for beginners to reach the hilltop.


Triund Trek in Different Months


If you’re planning to visit Triund, it’s important to consider some things. Open throughout the year, this trek feels different in every month. Here are some important things you should know about trekking in Triund in 2018.


Triund Trek in Winter




During the month of December, many first-time trekkers and college-goers visit Triund. Since it’s an easy trek, cold weather is not much of a deterrent for Triund trek in December. Know more!




During the month of January, cold weather lets you keep your head held high among dense clouds, and your feet grounded in white snow. Know more!




During the month of February, the snow starts melting, and the temperature rises to make overall weather pleasant. Know more!


Triund Trek in Spring




The snow-capped landscape makes it mesmerizing to see Dhauladhar in the backdrop of a Triund trek in March. Know more!




A Triund trek in April is as good as it can get. In fact, it is considered to be the best month to visit Triund. Know more!




Due to amazing weather, a Triund trek in May is often in the bucket list of numerous amateur and first-time trekkers. Know more!


Triund Trek in Monsoon




Since June sees a few showers, before the arrival of monsoon in full flow, it’s not advised to stay overnight in a tent. However, you can book a room in the Forest Guest House. Know more!




Though monsoon brings its hassles, it also makes the entire Kangra valley lush green, and gives clear views of the magnificent Dhauladhar range. Know more!




If you’re on a short trip in Dharamshala or McLeodganj, a Triund trek in August shouldn’t be missed. Though you might find the roads slippery and muddy, the magnificent views of the snowy Dhauladhar range and lush Kangra Valley will make the effort worth it. Know more!


Triund Trek in Autumn




A Triund trek in September is an excellent choice. The snow-capped mountains form the backdrop of your trek, and make it a memorable experience. Know more!




October is one of the best months to visit Triund. Though the temperature can change rapidly, it’s the most pleasant month overall. Know more!




November is one of the best months to visit this scenic trek. However, the second half of November can feel pretty cold as temperature dips sharply. Know more!

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