What Should You Know About Stok Kangri Trek Difficulty?

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What Should You Know About Stok Kangri Trek Difficulty?

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In the last few years, the number of trekkers and backpackers who want to plan a Stok Kangri trek has increased. While some of them are experienced trekkers, others haven’t gone on a trek in their lives. Attracted by the glamour and news about the summit, they want to trek one of the highest peaks in the country. But is it the right choice? Like with any other trek, it’s important to consider Stok Kangri trek difficulty to ensure your safety, and enjoy a mesmerizing trip in the mountains.


Overview of Stok Kangri Trek Difficulty


Situated at a height of 6153 metres above sea level, Stok Kangri is one of the highest peaks in India. Trekkers from around the world visit Leh – Ladakh region to explore the scenic beauty, and plan some memorable treks in the mountains. Stok Kangri often seems to be a good choice. A 5-6 day trek takes you through barren land, lush valleys, snowy blizzards and narrow lanes. But before you start planning the trek, it’s important to know about certain aspects of the trip.


Proper Acclimatization


A reputed and an experienced trek operator plans the itinerary properly. The trip should have atleast two days for acclimatization at over 11,000 feet. This helps overcome harsh weather at the summit, which is at a height of 20,500 feet. Two days of resting time allows you to get acclimatized to the mountains, especially if you’ve taken a flight to Leh. Before planning Stok Kangri Trek 2019, you should consider these factors.


According to seasoned trekkers, before planning a trip to Stok Kangri, it’s better to trek another peak at least 15,500 feet above sea level. A good operator will always let you know about these details. Though it makes the expedition longer, it keeps you safe, and allows you to have a good time on the trek. Reaching the summit through blizzards, snowstorms and bad terrain can be a daunting task for those without any experience in trekking.


Stok Kangri Trek Difficulty


If you want to have an amazing Stok Kangri trekking experience, you should be ready to spend at least 10 days in the mountains. Your physical fitness should be good, and you shouldn’t have any problems in enduring a trek to over 6,000 metres. If you plan another trek right before Stok Kangri, please keep in mind that you’ll be doing back-to-back high altitude treks. This requires a very good level of physical fitness. In addition to this, you also need to be mentally prepared.


Focus on Good Judgement


When you’re trekking high in the mountains, you need to focus on good judgement. Since Stok Kangri is a thrilling summit, most inexperienced trekkers don’t care about safety, and focus on just having a good time. At high altitudes, things can go wrong pretty quickly. In dire circumstances, you can only rely on good judgement to stay safe and enjoy the trip.


It’s extremely important to consider weather conditions in the region. A sunny day can unexpectedly turn into a snowstorm. Weather changes colour like a chameleon. An experienced trekker could panic, and it may cause a huge problem for the entire group. While wondering about Stok Kangri trek difficulty, you need to keep your wits. It’s important to prepare well, and research thoroughly about high altitudes.


Judgement also comes in handy when you’re about to take a call to return without reaching the summit. Bad health and weather play a major role in such decisions. At times, it’s not worth taking a chance. Inexperienced trekkers believe it’s the guide or tour operator’s job to take everyone to the summit.


However, the guide or the tour operator may also raise a red flag, considering someone’s health or weather. On Stok Kangri Trek 2019, let good judgement prevail. Though the entire journey is thrilling and exciting, you need to focus on certain aspects to keep yourself safe, and avoid any unnecessary issues.


Altitude Sickness and Medical Aid


Acute Mountain Sickness or Altitude Sickness is another common problem. Stok Kangri trail gains height rapidly. Therefore, even a person with good physical fitness can start experiencing health problems suddenly. Sometimes, it can be a potentially fatal situation. Experience and judgement come to the rescue. Someone with experience should always take the lead to ensure everyone feels safe. It’s also important to have some knowledge about corrective steps, emergency procedures and evacuation processes.


Stok Kangri Trek Best Time


Most experienced and reputed tour operators would advise you to take a course of Diamox or similar medication before you reach Leh. Stok Kangri trekking expeditions aren’t usually good for people without any experience of high altitude trekking. It’s better to attempt this trek if you’ve done treks over 14,000 feet. If you’re new to trekking, Stok Kangri could turn out to be a bad choice.


A good tour operator won’t take safety lightly. The company will also include acclimatization treks as part of the package. Considering Stok Kangri trek difficulty, there are several trekkers who don’t make it to the summit, and need to return mid-way. It’s important to consider these factors before you plan the trek.


Without a doubt, Stok Kangri summit is a heaven-like gift for trekkers and backpackers from around the world. It’s a summit worth climbing, and you don’t require any mountaineering skills. Without good judgement and preparation, you can make it to the summit. Just don’t allow the glamour of a high altitude trek to cloud your vision.


Renok Adventures has been conducting and organising tours in Leh – Ladakh region for quite some time. Regardless of Stok Kangri trek difficulty, with our team of seasoned trekkers and guides, we always ensure your safety, and allow you to have a good time on the trek. If you’re planning to go on Stok Kangri Trek 2018, feel free to get in touch with us.



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