What Should You Know About Triund Trek in March?

Triund Trek in Spring best treks in india



What Should You Know About Triund Trek in March?

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One of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country, Dhauladhar range has rocky terrain with numerous boulders forming the mountains. The snow-capped landscape makes it mesmerizing to see Dhauladhar in the backdrop of a Triund trek in March. On the Triund trek, the trail’s on the lower end of the range, and takes you to the top of the Triund hill.


Triund is located at a height of 2,843 metres. March is considered to be one of the best months to plan a Triund trek. With clear skies, the views are amazing and marvellous. Most people prefer to stay overnight. The starry night sky makes sure you have one of the most memorable and serene nights of your life.


The trek is about 7 km from the Main Square in McLeodganj. For an amateur or first-time trekker, it takes about 4 hours to reach the top of Triund hill. If you’re planning a trek to Triund in March, you should consider some important things.


Triund Trek in March


Triund Trek in March


Since March is considered to be one of the best months to visit Triund, the hilltop may seem pretty crowded. Even on your way, you will come across numerous trekkers coming back after spending the night. Though it’s the beginning of summer season, temperature can change rapidly, and it’s important to carry some warm clothes. You should also carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated.


March is one of the best months to stay overnight in Triund. You can rent camping tents and other equipment at affordable prices. There’s also a small shop serving simple lunch, dinner, maggi, water bottles, snacks etc. If you’re planning a trip to Triund, get in touch with our seasoned trekkers. We’ll make sure you have an amazing trekking experience without having to worry about anything. Just click here.


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