What You Should Know About a Nag Tibba Trek Package?

Nag Tibba Trek Booking



What You Should Know About a Nag Tibba Trek Package?

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When you book a Nag Tibba trek package, the journey starts from Pantwari, a small village about 6 hours from Dehradun. Over the years, Nag Tibba has become one of the most popular weekend getaways from several north Indian cities. Since this scenic trek is located near Mussoorie, a popular hill station, it has gained tremendous popularity among the masses. Within just 3 days, you can cherish a wholesome and an exciting trekking experience. The relatively easy trek, Nag Tibba, gives you stunning views of Gangotri, Kedarnath, Srikanth and Bandarpunch peaks.


About Nag Tibba Trek Package


For Nag Tibba trekking, you don’t have to make much effort to reach the basecamp. Though it’s a high altitude trek, it’s still easier than other trekking routes in Garhwal region. Since you don’t face any major obstacles or challenges, you’re able to enjoy the journey even more. During winter season, the entire region is covered in snow. This makes Nag Tibba one of the best winter trekking experiences. People from around the country visit Nag Tibba for an enriching journey.


Nag Tibba Trek Package


Nag Tibba trek trail is clearly marked, and with the support of a seasoned guide, you won’t come across any problems. On the journey, you walk through dense forests, which have a wide range of alpine flora and fauna. Nag Tibba trek allows you to soak in the mesmerizing beauty of Garhwal region, while walking through numerous Pine, Oak and Rhododendron trees.


Some trekkers even plan to stay overnight, and set up camps at the edge of the forest. Sunrise is the perfect time to leave for the summit, and the bright sunshine falling on top of the Himalayas makes everything look even more beautiful. When you book a Nag Tibba trek package, the cost includes a seasoned guide, support staff, food and camping.


Nag Tibba Trek Package Cost


Most trekkers worry about the cost of high altitude treks. However, as compared to other similar treks, Nag Tibba trek proves to be quite economical. For a 2-3 day trek, you have to spend about INR 6,000. If you book a package with Renok Adventures, the cost even includes a team of experienced support staff and guides, who ensure you have a wonderful time throughout the journey.




  • Stay in a camp on triple sharing basis
  • Meals throughout the trek (Vegetarian)
  • Logistics and operations during the trek
  • First-aid and medical kit
  • Tea and snacks twice a day
  • Services of a seasoned guide and support staff
  • All fees and permits
  • Transportation between Dehradun and Pantwari


Not Included:


  • Meals during transit
  • Cost incurred due to unexpected circumstances
  • Anything outside the scope of inclusions


How Do Trek Organizers Help?


Regardless of your trekking experience, you might come across certain challenges or obstacles. When you’re planning a high altitude trek, it’s always recommended to book a package with a reputed tour operator. Experienced professionals not only allow you to have a good time on the journey, but even ensure your safety. On Nag Tibba trekking, a team of seasoned trekkers takes you through several scenic locations and hidden spots.


Though Nag Tibba trekking doesn’t require you to be skilled or experienced, it does test your stamina and endurance. Being a trekker is a difficult and a demanding job. During the trek, you need to manage a lot of things. With a tour operator, you can get the trip customized, which provides an even better trekking experience.


Located at 9,915 feet above sea level, Nag Tibba trek comes with its own difficulties and challenges. You may come across some unexpected issues. Bad weather conditions can cause sudden landslides and other similar problems. In such times, you need the experience of a reputed team, well-versed with Garhwali terrain and weather.


In addition to this, you might face other issues, such as spilled water, cloud bursts, lack of clean utensils etc. With a tour operator, you don’t have to worry about such nuances, which allows you to focus on the journey. Someone from the team always keeps a check on things, and ensures you have a good time on Nag Tibba trek.


Nag Tibba Trek


Presence of mind is the key to a successful and a safe trekking experience. When you book a Nag Tibba trek package, you’re in the company of seasoned trekkers and experienced guides. They’re well-equipped to protect you from hazards, and ensure your safety at all times. With such positivity and determination, the entire experience is enhanced, and every penny you spend seems worth the expense.


Nag Tibba trekking is a beautiful journey, and gives you a chance to feel close to nature. A camping experience allows you to get respite from the monotonous city life. With cooks and helpers to help you throughout the trek, you won’t have to miss delicious meals or other necessities. With a reputed tour operator, the staff always makes sincere efforts for an enriching experience.


When you book a Nag Tibba trek package, a sincere manager is always present to overlook operations. If you need any assistance or help, it won’t be difficult. Several trekkers need help with trekking equipment, gear and groceries. At times, the group may even have to tackle emergency situations. With years of experience, our support staff ensures you don’t have to tackle these issues on your own.


At high altitude, you may encounter rough weather conditions. Sometimes, evacuation procedures need to be followed. In the company of professional support staff, everything can be managed with ease. Experienced guides always put your well-being and safety as their top priority.


Nag Tibba provides you with one of the most wholesome and enriching trekking experiences. With support from seasoned trekkers, guides and staff members, you don’t have to worry about anything. It allows you to have a good time on the trek, and ensures you return home safe with a smile. If you’re looking for a Nag Tibba trek package, feel free to get in touch with us. Please click here.


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