What’s Kedarkantha Trek Best Time to Plan a Visit?

Kedarkantha Trek Guide



What’s Kedarkantha Trek Best Time to Plan a Visit?

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There’s no doubt that there has been a sudden surge in the popularity of Kedarkantha trekking. For those who’re unfamiliar with Kedarkantha trek best time, here are a few important pieces of information, which could be of interest to them. Kedarkantha is a 10 km trek (one way) from the base camp called Sankri. Kedarkantha is located in the state of Uttarakhand in Northern India.


The base camp is located around 200 kilometers from the state capital Dehradun. These days, this trekking destination attracts scores of people not only from India, but also from other parts of the world. However, to make the best of this trekking experience, you must have right information about Kedarkantha trek best time.


Kedarkantha Trek Best Time


While there are quite a few things to savor and enjoy in Kedarkantha, we need to bear in mind that the weather has a big role to play. If you are a hardcore trekker and would love to enjoy this trekking destination as best as you can, then the months between December and April would be the best. This is the time when the weather will be at it coldest. The minimum winter temperature from December to April would be below freezing point, ranging from 0 degree celsius to minus 7 degree celsius on some days.


Kedarkantha Trek Best Time


The streams would have frozen and most importantly, the famous Jadu Ka Talab, which lies on the famous Kedarkantha trek route would also have frozen completely. It would be a wonderful experience walking on the frozen bed of the lake, which in summer could accommodate a few million gallons of water. Hence, this could be one of the biggest takeaways when you decide to choose winter as a trekking option.


Summer trekking also has its own unique advantages and benefits. The weather is warmer, with minimum temperature ranging from 5 to 7 degree celsius, while the maximum temperature should hover around 15 to 17 degree celsius. The maximum temperature is enough for the snow to melt, and there will be greenery all around the place.


Things to Keep in Mind


When you are calculating the overall Kedarkantha trek cost, you must keep in mind a few things. To begin with, when you are going in winter, you must be sure that you’re well clothed and well-protected against the biting winter cold. Whether it’s special thermal inners, snow boots, special jackets to protect against the cold, walking sticks or sunglasses, you must have everything in place and only then you should get started. There cannot be any compromise on the same.


Can Everyone Trek?


Whether it’s summer or winter, there is a specific reason as to why it makes sense to choose Kedarkantha. This trekking trail falls in the easy to moderate category as far as difficulty levels are concerned. It is therefore suitable even for children below the age of eight and even adults above 60 years old to easily traverse this trekking route, provided they are in normal health. Those with normal vital parameters would be in a position to easily undertake this trip even during the peak winter season.


Kedarkantha trek best time would depend on the specific needs and requirements of customers, but from a trekking perspective, December to April are considered to be the best months. If you’re looking for more information about Kedarkantha trek best time, cost, itinerary and more, feel free to get in touch with our experts. Please click here.


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