What’s Sandakphu trek best time to visit?

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What’s Sandakphu trek best time to visit?

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West Bengal is home to some of the most scenic tourist spots in the country. Kolkata, also called the City of Joy, is a cultural and an exciting place to visit. Similarly, Darjeeling is a beautiful hill station offering mesmerizing views of lush landscapes. For wildlife lovers, Sundarbans is an excellent choice. While these places are scenic and charming, nothing comes close to the magnificent Sandakphu. Relatively unexplored and offbeat, Sandakphu is a great choice for any adventure or trekking lover. In this post, we’ve discussed everything about Sandakphu best time to visit.


Sandakphu trekking allows you to soak in amazing views of the meadows, valleys and snow-clad mountains. On a pleasant day, you can even catch glimpses of the four tallest mountains in the world. If you’ve always been fascinated by rural gems hidden deep within trekking trails, Sandakphu will seem delightful. Before planning a visit, it’s important to get a clear idea about the best time to visit.


Sandakphu Trek Best Time to Visit


Sandakphu is considered to be the highest peak in Singalila National Park. Therefore, weather plays an important role in planning a good trip. Like most trekking routes, there are two seasons to visit Sandakphu. Though the trek is open throughout the year, summer and autumn provide you with exceptional views of the mountains and let you explore the region without any harsh conditions.


From April to June (Sandakphu trek best time to visit), the entire valley sees a bloom of Orchids, Rhododendrons and other species of flora. This turns the entire valley into a sheet of red and pink. The second season, from October to December, lets you view the mesmerizing peaks under clear skies. Most Sandakphu trekking tours are conducted during this period.


Sandakphu Trek Best Time


Tourists start visiting Sandakphu from March. During summer season, temperature may be somewhere around 15 degree celsius. A visit during this season helps you avoid chilly weather in night time. On the other hand, if you like to explore the region when it’s snowing, a trip in January or February will be ideal.


To cover this trek during winter season, it’s important to prepare yourself with the right kind of footwear and clothing. According to seasoned trekkers, beginners should stick to summer season for a comfortable trekking experience and clear views of the mountains. October is one of the best months to plan your visit. Here’s also some useful information to give you a clear idea about Sandakphu trekking route, which would help you plan the journey.


Route Overview


Sandakphu trek is one of the most scenic and thrilling adventures in the country. Following the north ridge, it takes you close to Nepal, and allows you to explore the culture and traditions in both countries. While ascending on the ridge, you come across impressive views of snow-clad mountains. The Himalayan region forms the backdrop of everything else. You’d be able to view Lhotse, Everest, Kanchenjunga and Makalu.


Apart from experiencing incredible views, you’re even welcomed by a wide range of fauna and flora along the Sandakphu trekking route. While hiking through the forests, you’ll pass several areas with rhododendrons, bamboos and magnolias. The key highlight of the trip will be to spot a Red Panda. Naturally shy, Red Pandas move freely in Sandakphu.


Sandakphu Trek in April


In addition to this, the trek also takes you through military checkpoints, teahouses and hamlets. Sometimes, you’ll even cross the Indo-Nepal border without even realizing it. Throughout the trek, you’ll notice a well-defined trail. Depending on your experience and background as a trekker, you can either book a tour or hire a private guide.


Sandakphu Trek Best Time – The Experience


The average time taken to finish Sandakphu trek is approximately 7 days. The journey starts from Manebhanjan, the base camp of the trek. From here, you embark on an upward journey. It’s better to start early in the morning, and walk through forests blooming with magnolias, rhododendrons and spruce trees.


On reaching Sandakphu, your fatigue and exhaustion won’t matter. During Sandakphu trek best time, clear skies will allow you to witness the stunning beauty of snow-capped mountains. The spellbinding views in Sandakphu are unmatched by any other treks in the country. Thus, this scenic location attracts trekkers and backpackers from around the world.


The entire Sandakphu trek route is a maze of scenic wonders, making you feel delightful at every step. In this region, you’ll find over 600 varieties of Orchids. In fact, it’s the largest concentration of Orchids in any geographical area in the world. These flowers are in full bloom from May to June.


As mentioned earlier, you can hire a private guide or porter in Manebhanjan. However, it’s always better to plan the journey with a tour operator. This way, you don’t have to worry about safety or other issues. Travelling in a group also allows you to explore everything in a much better way. While going through Singalila National Park, experienced tour operators can also guide you on spotting elusive animals and flowers.


Without a doubt, the most picturesque part of the trek runs right through the heart of Singalila National Park. In order to pass through the forest, you’d need a permit from the Forest Department. Its office is located on the outskirts of the base camp in Manebhanjan. From this office, you can even book overnight stays in trekkers’ huts.


If you’re planning to embark on a journey of several scenic wonders, you should start preparing your health and fitness for the trek. Though relatively easy, 7 days in the forest can be exhausting. As mentioned above, it’s better to plan this trek with a professional tour operator. This allows you to plan the trip under the guidance and supervision of experienced trekkers and guides.


Renok Adventures has been conducting and organising Sandakphu treks for quite some time. We ensure you have a great time on the trip, while giving prime importance to your safety. If you want to get in touch with our seasoned trekkers and support staff to know about Sandakphu trek best time to visit and discuss your requirements, please click here.


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