What’s the Valley of Flowers best time to visit?

Valley of Flowers



What’s the Valley of Flowers best time to visit?

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What’s the Valley of Flowers best time to visit?

Covered in a thick blanket of snow for most of the year, Valley of Flowers is a not-so-difficult trek that entices every nature lover. With its alpine flowers blooming during summers, you might wonder about Valley of Flowers best time periods. Mid-July to end of August is the period when you can catch a glimpse of these flowers in full bloom.

Most of the hilly regions in northern India are cut off during the monsoon season. However, contrary to the usual, it’s the best time to visit this mesmerizing destination and plan your trek accordingly. Having said that, it’s important to keep in mind that road conditions during this period aren’t very favorable for novice drivers. Thus, it’s better to hire a taxi or catch a bus to the Valley from Haridwar or Dehradun.


Valley of Flowers best time to visit

Valley of Flowers Best Time

Due to heavy snow, the valley is closed from October to May. By the month of June, the snow starts melting, which ensures a fresh bloom for the year. It also makes the roads toward Govindghat easily accessible.

When the rains arrive in the north, the Valley of Flowers is in full bloom. Thus, the peak season starts from mid-July and goes up to the end of August. Lush green landscape of the valley is occupied by hundreds of brightly colored flowers.

You may also plan a trek during the first week of July, when several species, including the famous Ladies Slipper Orchid are in full bloom. It also gives you a chance to witness the beauty of snow clad glaciers surrounding the valley.

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As it happens with nature, by the time August arrives, the flowers start changing colour from the brightest shades to peachy tones. To plan your trek during the peak season, just click here and get all the information you need.

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