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When can you see snowfall in Triund?

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If you want to see snowfall in Triund, the best time to visit is during the months of January and February. What’s more, you may even get the meadow entirely to yourself. Stargazing in the night, or just relaxing alone surrounded by the Dhauladhar range are just some of the highlights of Triund. The snowfall on the hilltop just makes these experiences a lot more enchanting.


The trek to Triund during winters can however get challenging. When the well-defined path gets laden by snow, and ice, care and vigilance are required. A pair of good boots, with a low flex and stiff sole, is definitely recommended. If you’re planning to visit during winters or wish to walk over the snowy terrain, it’s highly recommended to plan your trip under the supervision of seasoned trekkers. You should also gather information about Triund weather in advance.


Best Time to See Snowfall in Triund


As the snow begins to melt in the months from March and June, it’s an exhilarating experience to watch the snow-capped mountains shine bright under sunlight. Being able to catch breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar range is just one of the reasons to visit Triund during snowfall.


Triund Trek in Spring best treks in india


The quaint hill doesn’t get any more magical than that. The desolate hilltop, surrounded by Mun, Two Guns, Slab, Camel, Rifle horn and Dromedary peaks, makes for an enchanting memory. Watching the sun rise from the top just makes the entire trek worth taking, at least once in your lifetime.

A word of advice – the trek to Triund gets tricky during the winters. If you want to witness snowfall in Triund, it is advisable that you go along with seasoned trekkers, who have taken the trek several times. To get in touch with our experts, just click here.

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