Which are the best rides for Ladakh Trip from Delhi on Bike?

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Which are the best rides for Ladakh Trip from Delhi on Bike?

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Irrespective of age or gender, every biker ranks a Ladakh trip pretty high on the bucket list. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and a dream come true. While the journey is beautiful, the difficult road conditions and other factors also come into play. On a rugged landscape in Leh-Ladakh region, bikes are bound to face certain challenges. However, the most important aspect of the journey is the bike you choose. In this post, we’ve listed the best rides for a Ladakh trip from Delhi on bike. The overall Ladakh trip on bike cost is somewhere between 30,000 – 40,000 INR.


Best Rides for Ladakh Trip from Delhi on Bike


In order to complete this long and strenuous journey, you must love your bike. You need to provide your bike with complete attention. While planning a trip to Ladakh, you should be careful of certain factors, and choose a ride accordingly. Instead of popularity, you need to focus on factors like comfort, suitability, convenience etc. It’s one of the most important aspects to ensure an amazing journey.


Ladakh Trip from Delhi on Bike


In order to choose the right bike, you need to focus on a vehicle that can easily handle rugged terrain. The ride should also be safe, and even turn out to be helpful for other riders on the way. Here is our list of five good bikes suitable for a Ladakh trip.


Royal Enfield Himalayan – A powerful 400 CC engine brings this bike to the top of our list. As the name suggests, for a Ladakh trip from Delhi on Bike, the Himalayan is probably the best choice. It can manage any rugged terrain, offbeat roads and hilly slopes while ensuring a smooth ride.


Royal Enfield Classic – Another powerful bike from the Royal Enfield family, this one has a 350 CC or 500 CC engine. It’s one of the most popular bikes for a journey to the Himalayas. The sturdiness and power of the bike is unmatched.


Bajaj Pulsar – When compared to other bikes in the Indian market, Bajaj Pulsar has been a major hit. After Royal Enfield, this one is the most popular bike for a trip to Ladakh. It’s available in 220 CC, 200 CC, 180 CC and 150 CC variants. Every variant turns out to be a trustworthy companion for your journey.


CBR 250 – Except the Contigo tyres, which are sometimes tough to handle, this offering from Honda is perfect for Ladakh’s rugged terrain. If you change tyres, you can even use the bike’s fi technology and torque to ensure a good ride. When it comes to appearance, this bike probably supersedes others in the list.


KTM Duke – A relatively new entrant in the market, KTM Duke’s featherweight body can be quite beneficial in Ladakh’s ever-changing climatic conditions. The company has released the bike in two variants, i.e., Duke 250 and Duke 390.


Apart from these bikes, many other rides are suitable for a trip to Ladakh. Some of these  include Bajaj Vikrant, Yamaha Frazer, Hero Impulse and Yamaha FZ. Though you may have to compromise on weight, these bikes are quite fast, and help you complete the journey in good time.


Depending on the route you’ve taken, weather conditions and several other factors, a Ladakh trip from Delhi on bike can be completed within 15 days. It takes about 3 days to reach Leh from Delhi, and 3 days on the return journey. This allows you spend around 10 days in Leh-Ladakh, exploring raw nature and several popular attractions.


A Ladakh bike trip requires thorough research and extensive planning. Renok Adventures has been organising tours to Ladakh for quite some time. If you want to discuss your requirements with a team of seasoned trekkers and backpacking enthusiasts, get in touch with us. Just click here.


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