Which is the Best Season to Trek Bhrigu Lake, Manali?

Bhrigu Lake Trek Distance



Which is the Best Season to Trek Bhrigu Lake, Manali?

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Most tourists still don’t realize that the raw beauty of Bhrigu Lake meadows surpasses those in Switzerland and other parts of Europe. If you’re planning to visit Bhrigu Lake, you might wonder about the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake. This post will provide all the information you need.


A popular high-altitude trek in Kullu Valley, Bhrigu Lake is just 40 km from the popular hill station, Manali. The trail takes you through lush meadows, which are called Bhrigu Lake meadows. Unlike other high-altitude treks, this one is relatively easy and allows you to catch a glimpse of the scenic meadows without much effort.


As you walk through the vast grasslands, surrounded by snow-clad mountains of the majestic Himalayas, you’re bound to feel like you’ve entered a new world. If you’ve been constantly looking for locations to escape traffic, pollution and city life, Bhrigu Lake will be an ideal choice.


From Gulaba village, the first basecamp of the trek, the journey takes about 6 hours. According to legend, Saint Bhrigu used to meditate on the banks of the lake. Locals believe the lake never freezes completely due to blessings from Saint Bhrigu. Apart from the scenic beauty, Bhrigu Lake has also been popular for sacred reasons.


Seasoned trekkers can pitch their own tents near Bhrigu Lake, and spend a good amount of time with friends and family. Most of the year, this part of Kullu Valley has clear blue skies. On a clear day, the gentle warmth of sun rays shimmering over the lake is a delightful sight. Night skies allow you to enjoy the company of stars, millions of them.


Bhrigu Lake Trek Highlights


Over the years, the popularity of Bhrigu Lake trek has only increased. Apart from winter season, probably every other time of the year is the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake. Offering stunning vistas and natural beauty of snow-clad mountains, lush meadows and dense forest cover, Bhrigu Lake is one of the most visited sites near Manali.


Sitting in the lap of Garhwal Himalayas, Bhrigu Lake trek is preferred by adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts, and people looking to get respite from city life. The legends about this scenic lake date back to thousands of years, when Saint Bhrigu visited the site and spent a good amount of time meditating in the peaceful region.


As mentioned earlier, it’s a relatively easy trek, and one can embark on the journey even without trekking experience. If you have decent level of physical fitness and stamina, you won’t experience any major issues on the journey. Every step you take towards Bhrigu Lake is worth the effort, and allows you to build lifelong memories.


From the summit, soak in mesmerizing views of Seven Sister peaks, Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba and Pir Panjal range. Throughout the journey, you’ll be able to cherish scenic views of lush meadows, Cedar and Oak trees, multi-coloured carpets of alpine flowers, gushing streams and even some alpine fauna.


Best Season to Trek Bhrigu Lake


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A lot of trekkers have reported coming across wildlife species, such as Himalayan Monal, Pheasants and Snow Cocks. This adds to the charm of the journey, and allows you to feel much closer to nature. Once you reach the destination, you’ll be able to enjoy captivating views of crystal clear water surrounded by snow-clad peaks.


Embrace the nature with open arms, and spend some time in peace, away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. The shimmering waters in the lake change colour with every passing hour. In fact, even the trail changes colour every few hours. The experiences on this trek will be etched in your memory forever.


Where is Bhrigu Lake Trek?


As mentioned earlier, Bhrigu Lake is right in the middle of Pir Panjal ranges in Garhwal Himalayas. Located on the eastern side of Rohtang Pass in Kullu Valley, the lake is about 6 km from Gulaba, the starting point of the trek. From Manali, Gulaba is about 22 km. If you visit in the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake, you may encounter heavy traffic near Rohtang Pass.


Since the bank of the lake is considered sacred, devotees and worshippers also visit Bhrigu Lake. On the trail, you might even come across locals going towards the lake. Like other places in Himachal, the atmosphere near Bhrigu Lake is friendly, and you’ll pass several smiling faces.


How to Reach Bhrigu Lake Trek?


Located at a height of 14,000 feet above sea level, Bhrigu Lake trek starts from Gulaba village, a small and picturesque town near Manali. The route takes you through charming old villages, wild forest trails and vast grasslands, finally ending in Vashisht village. Bhrigu Lake trek is considered among the most scenic treks in Kullu – Manali region. Without a doubt, Bhrigu Lake trekking experience is unmatched and delightful.


By Air:


Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport for Bhrigu Lake trek. From Delhi and Chandigarh, regular flights ply on this route. From the airport, you can catch a bus or take a taxi to Manali. If you plan to reach Gulaba in a taxi, you can either book a taxi directly from the airport, or book one from Manali after staying for a few hours or a couple of days.


Bhrigu Lake Trek


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By Rail:


If you’re planning to travel by train, it’s better to book a train to Chandigarh Railway Station. From here, you can book a private taxi or catch a bus to Manali. If you’re not on a tight budget, you can book a taxi directly to Gulaba.


By Road:


A lot of trekkers and backpackers visit Manali via road. State-run buses and Volvo buses ply directly from Chandigarh and New Delhi to Manali. Once again, from Manali, you can take a private or a shared taxi to reach Gulaba. A lot of buses operate on these routes.


From an online service provider or ISBT, you can conveniently book a bus. Most buses leave from departing cities in the evening, and reach Manali early in the morning. If you’re visiting in the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake, it’s better to book a ticket in advance.


Usual Itinerary for Bhrigu Lake Trek


From Manali, tourists need to drive to Gulaba village, which is about 22 km from the popular hill station. Most villages near Manali are well-connected via road, and such is the case with Gulaba. Private or shared taxis are the most convenient and affordable way to reach Gulaba. Once you’ve reached the village, you need to trek or walk through the lush meadows to reach the scenic lake.


Day 1 – Gulaba to Jonker Thatch


As mentioned earlier, the entire stretch of the trek is 24 km. On average, it takes about 4 days to cover the distance. If you’re an experienced trekker, you may choose a 3-day period for the trek. In order to reach Gulaba village, you need to take Manali – Rohtang Pass road, which takes you through Kolang, Palchan and Kothite. A car or taxi journey takes about 75 to 90 minutes. On the way, you’ll pass through snow-clad mountains and dense pine forests.


Once you reach Gula checkpost, you need to get off the car. From here, the remainder of the journey needs to be covered on foot. To reach the first campsite in Jonker Thatch, you need to cover a distance of 3 km. It takes about 60 minutes to reach the campsite. On the way, you’ll witness the unparalleled beauty of the region.


Day 2 – Jonker Thatch to Rola Khuli


The actual trek starts with a steep ascent to Rola Khuli. About 5 km from Jonker Thatch, it takes about 4 hours to cover the distance. On the way, you’ll pass several Cedars, Brown Oaks and Birch trees. Additionally, you’ll catch amazing views of prominent alpine flora and snow-clad mountains, such as Hanuman Tibba.


The lush meadows are a sight to watch, and you might be able to see shepherds with cattle or sheep grazing in the grasslands. Once you reach Rola Khuli, you can even interact with local shepherds, who’re always hospitable and welcome you to the mountains with open arms.


Bhrigu Lake Trekking


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Day 3 – Rola Khuli to Bhrigu Lake and Back


From Rola Khuli, the remaining trek is about 10 km. It’s better to start the journey early in the morning. On the way, you get stunning views of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges. You can also catch glimpses of Deo Tibba, Indrasen and other majestic peaks. If you’re not visiting in the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake, the route might be enveloped by thick fog. At high altitudes, the weather can be tricky and unpredictable.


To cover the distance, you may need around 7 hours. After reaching the lake, spend a good amount of time appreciating the beauty of raw nature. The views of snow-clad mountains, fresh alpine flowers and lush meadows will be etched in your memory forever. After a couple of hours, you need to trace your steps back to the campsite in Rola Khuli.


Day 4 – Rola Khuli to Gulaba


On the final day of the trek, you head back to Gulaba. The journey takes about 4 hours. Though the trek may seem a little steep, it takes you through lush meadows, and the journey feels rejuvenating for the mind and the soul. On your way back, you’ll cherish every moment spent on the trip.


Best Season to Trek Bhrigu Lake


The best season to trek Bhrigu Lake is from June to September. While some people plan the trek in mid-May, it depends on the amount of snowfall received in the preceding year. If you plan the trek in June, you’re likely to notice snow near Bhrigu Lake.


Regardless of the season, you can’t miss the beauty of raw nature, including high-altitude meadows, snow-clad mountains and dense forest cover. Each landscape looks mesmerizing, and allows you to catch breathtaking views of the valley.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in June


During this time of the year, there’s heavy snow near the lake. A large part of the lake and meadows may also be frozen. As mentioned earlier, the best part about Bhrigu Lake trek is the vast expanse of lush meadows on the trail. Once you cross a part of the meadows, you just enter another one.


Bhrigu Lake Trekking Experience


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If you want to appreciate the charming beauty of Bhrigu Lake, you should choose another month to plan a visit. The best season to trek Bhrigu Lake allows you to witness the crystal clear waters and lush green meadows. In June, it’s better to plan the trek in the second half of the month.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in July


In July, the amount of snow in the region gets reduced. You’ll notice it in patches on the trail. However, you’ll find a good amount of snow near the lake. As rains arrive in July, this month is seldom recommended to plan a trek.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in August


As compared to July, the amount of rainfall decreases in August. You’ll notice only some patches of snow on the trail and around the lake. Considering rainfall, it’s better to plan a visit in the second half of the month. You’ll be able to notice fresh alpine flowers and lush green meadows.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in September


September is one of the safest months to plan Bhrigu Lake trek. In fact, it’s considered to be the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake. During this month, meadows are still lush green, and the lake looks royal blue in colour. Even the sky seems clearer, and makes for perfect stargazing experiences around the campsites.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in October


Until the region receives heavy snowfall, it’s still possible to plan a journey in October. When it comes to the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake, October is often given a pass. However, with the dry period, you don’t have to worry about landslides or other unforeseen circumstances. During this month, the lush meadows start turning brown, and mark the arrival of autumn.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in November:


In November, the trek remains inaccessible. In this month, the temperature dips sharply, and may reach beyond minus 5 degree Celsius. Due to this, a journey to Bhrigu Lake isn’t possible. If you’re planning a visit, it’s better to consider the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake, which stretches from mid-May to mid-October.


Bhrigu Lake


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Bhrigu Lake Trek in December:


In December, the entire region is covered under snow, and the temperature dips sharply. It’s not possible to plan Bhrigu Lake trek in December. The next window opens in April, when the snow starts melting, and spring season gives way to new alpine flora.


Bhrigu Lake Trek Temperature – Season-Wise


Every year, hundreds of trekkers and backpackers visit Bhrigu Lake between May and October. During the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake, the journey leaves you mesmerized, and allows you to build lifelong memories. Throughout the trek, you’ll notice alpine flora, combined with stunning views of the majestic Himalayan peaks. You’ll also cross dense forest cover and lush green meadows.


According to seasoned trekkers, Bhrigu Lake trek is relatively easy. Thus, you don’t need any special skills or training. Other easy treks in the country don’t offer such stunning views, spreading across the horizon. When you cover the trail, you’ll get mesmerizing views of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges, making Bhrigu Lake trekking experience even more delightful.


If you visit the region in the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake, you’ll catch clear views of several peaks, such as Friendship peak, Deo Tibba, Chandrabhaga range, Hanuman Tibba and Shitidhar peak. If you’re lucky, you may catch glimpses of Himalayan Monal, Pheasants and Snow Cocks.


Summer Season


During summer season, you’ll enjoy pleasant weather and clear skies. It’s the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake. From April to June, the average temperature near the lake remains around 15 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius. It dips sharply at night, and may reach around 8 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius. Thus, it’s advised to carry a few warm clothes.


Bhrigu Lake Manali


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Monsoon Season


From July to September, the average temperature ranges somewhere around 10 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius. During this period, you also have to be wary of rains. At night, the average temperature remains around 5 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius.


Autumn Season


In October and November, the average temperature near the lake remains around 10 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius. At night, you may have to bear chilly weather, as the temperature drops below 5 degree Celsius.


Winter Season


From December to March, the trek is closed due to chilly weather. In these months, the average temperature remains below minus 5 degree Celsius. A thick blanket of snow covers the entire region.


With years of experience, Renok Adventures can help you plan the perfect trip to Bhrigu Lake. If you’re planning to visit in the best season to trek Bhrigu Lake, it’s the right time. To get in touch with our team of seasoned trekkers, guides and support staff, please click here.


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