Why plan Kedarkantha trek in December?

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Why plan Kedarkantha trek in December?

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Kedarkantha trek is one of the best winter treks in India. There are a number of reasons behind this, including the fact that it is considered to be one of the easiest treks, even during winters. The trek begins from Sankri which is situated at 6,455 ft and ends on the highest point of Kedarkantha summit which is at a height of around 12,500 ft. The trek is suitable for beginners as well as experienced trekkers. Here are a few reasons why you should plan a Kedarkantha trek in December.


Kedarkantha Trek in December


Kedarkantha is located within the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. The trekking route consists of wide-open meadows surrounded by dense pine and maple forests. It is also one of the few trekking destinations in India that is open all year round. From December to the third week of April, the trekking trail starting from the base camp is covered in a blanket of snow. It is therefore very likely that you will see plenty of snow if you go on Kedarkantha trek in December. 


The Trekking Difficulty is Moderate


There’s one major reason for the popularity of trekking in Kedarkantha. The entire Kedarkantha trek route is not very difficult to negotiate. Since the trekking difficulty is moderate, even beginners can go on this trek. The route has a few steep inclines but is even and wide for most of the distance.


Kedarkantha Trek in December


Hence, if you are planning to go trekking for the first time, it makes a lot of sense to start with Kedarkantha. Those with reasonably good health and fitness can plan this trip. They can be as young as eight years of age or even above sixty. It’s all about being physically fit to withstand the rigors associated with an uphill climb, especially during the winter months.


Main Areas to be Covered


The trek starts from Sankri base, a small village situated at around 6,455 ft. From Sankri, the highest elevation of the Kedarkantha trek is approximately 10 km, going 6,400 ft upwards. On the way to the summit, you will be weaving through some of the most beautiful meadows, ridges, and streams. 


From Sankri the route takes trekkers to the famous Juda Ka Talab, located at a distance of 4 km. The lake serves as a campsite for trekkers making their way to Kedarkantha Peak. Surrounded by thick oak and pine trees, Juda Ka Talab is a beautiful place to set up camp. During December, the lake is completely frozen and continues to remain this way till April. It is a fantastic feeling walking on thick sheets of snow and ice, where during summer you could see water all around.


The trek from Juda Ka Talab to Kedarkantha Base takes a day, making it convenient for trekkers to begin early and rest well before they begin the upward climb to the summit. Watching the sunrise from Kedarkantha Base is something that you must not miss during your trek. From the base camp, it takes only a few hours to climb the summit. Marked with a Trishul, Kedarkantha summit gives trekkers 360-degree views of the surrounding Kinnaur Kailash Ranges, Har Ki Dun, Swargarohini Peaks, Black Peak and more.


If you want to feel the thrill that comes with trekking in the snow, go on a Kedarkantha trek in December. With an uphill climb that is suitable for beginners, it’s a trek that anyone who is physically fit can enjoy. If you’re looking for more information about Kedarkantha trek in December or would like to discuss your requirements, please click here.


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