Why plan Kedarkantha trek in November?

Kedarkantha Trek in November



Why plan Kedarkantha trek in November?

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There are multiple reasons to visit Kedarkantha, especially if you’re an Indian and a trekking enthusiast. But the main reason is that it’s considered to be one of the most well-known moderate treks in the country. Kedarkantha trek attracts scores of enthusiastic trekkers, many of whom are first-timers or beginners. While Kedarkantha trek can be done throughout the year (minus a few months during the monsoon season), planning a Kedarkantha trek in November certainly has its own share of excitement and adventure.


November marks the beginning of the winter trekking months, precisely from December to April. If you go on Kedarkantha trek during this month, you will be able to see the terrain change colours as it prepares itself for the harsh winter. However, you won’t see pine and maple trees covered in snow yet.


How’s Kedarkantha Trek in November?


As far as trekking in November in Kedarkantha is concerned, you won’t be disappointed. Since it is known for being a winter trek, November is a great time for first-timers. The weather is pleasant and cold without being bone-chilling. If you go on Kedarkantha trek in November, you might even enjoy clear skies throughout the month.


With plenty of sunshine and clear skies, your campsite will be right under majestic skies, with stars shining across the horizon. You will also be able to see the gorgeous snow-clad peaks in the distant horizon. Try to book your trip around full moon night, and you will be spellbound by the beauty that awaits you in the mountains.


Kedarkantha Trek in November


The Route Will Also Be Fascinating


Kedarkantha trek route begins from Sankri, which is situated at an elevation of 6455 feet, to the highest elevation of Kedarkantha, which is around 12500 feet. So in effect, you will be trekking uphill for around 6000 feet, which is exciting and adventurous.


Furthermore, the entire Kedarkantha trek route looks mesmerizing in the winter season and leaves you with lifelong memories of scenic views and pleasant experiences. The entire route from Sankri to the summit will be covered with abundant alpine flora and fauna. You might also come across many rivulets and streams that could be completely frozen.


The Famous Juda Ka Talab


During your Kedarkantha trek in November, chilly weather might keep you on the toes, as you still make an attempt to spend some time at the famous Juda Ka Talab. This lake is an important water body as it supplies water to tourists and trekkers during the summer months. During the winter season, the lake freezes. Nonetheless, Juda Ka Talab won’t be frozen during November, and you will still be able to soak in the serenity and calm surrounding the lake.


If you decide to set up camp near the lake, you’ll be living right in the middle of unparalleled scenic beauty. You can light a bonfire, spend time with fellow trekkers, and enjoy dinner right next to Juda Ka Talab. However, you may have to be wary of the wildlife, and take necessary precautions to keep yourself safe.


There’s hardly any doubt about the kind of experience you’d have on Kedarkantha trek in November when you can enjoy the perfect blend of Himalayan cold with some pleasant sunshine. Since the trek is quite popular during the winter season, you must start the booking process early. If you’re looking for more information about Kedarkantha or want to discuss your requirements, please click here.


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