Demography of Ladakh

Population of Ladakh (Ethnic and Religion based)

The population of Ladakh is uniformly cleft betwixt Muslims and Buddhists. There are distinct hundred Christians also.The people of Ladakh exhibit a fusion of at least three specific groups. Two of them were Aryans and third was of Mongols staple. An era old civilization of Ladakh has raised remarks in its mosques,Imambaras, monasteries,monuments,oral literature,  paintings, fairs, and festivals.The monasteries or gompas aggregate the most alluring and enticing trait of the artistic panorama. The vigor , glee, colorfulness, and splendor correlated with religious, social, and seasonal festivals make them gigantic occasions of festivity and celebration. A salient feature in the Ladakhi etiquette is the appearance of bandanas known as khadags on all seasons. A Ladakhi female in full costume would create no small impression in the midst of the chic matrons of European capital.

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Religion and Culture of Ladakh

In Ladakh Buddhism ply at two levels and there is a arrant division between the literary culture’s of the Buddhist axioms as pursued by the prelacy on one hand, and more fashionable articulations as ensured by the lay people on the other. The following is generally assigned to as pre-Buddhist religion – this must not to be puzzled with Bon, because there is some ambiguity amongst scholars as to whether or not Bon genuinely prevailed as a religion in Ladakh. The early religion of Ladakh was inferred one where the people worshipped many gods (pantheistic), the people also worshiped many spirits correlated with the water, earth, and mountains. It was also animistic, and included ancestor worship and shamanistic refines.


The ruling religion of Ladakh chiefly in the central and eastern areas. Infact, it is one of the few regions where Mahayana Buddhism also called Lamaism, is still practiced. One of the major features of Buddhism in Ladakh are the great many monasteries or gompas.


After Buddhism the second most ruling religion is Islam. Particularly in the western Ladakh zone, Shia Muslims are found in a larger part. Sunni Muslims are also found in Ladakh with very small population.


Ladakh also has a Christian population, predominantly in the town of Leh. They comprise a minority in this area, but are the possessions of the top rungs of the Ladakhi society.


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